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What Are The Top 3 Injuries That Occur In Nursing Homes?

In a nursing home, an elderly person can suffer different types of injuries just like in any other setting. Because an elderly person is not as physically strong, and sometimes sick, they are more prone to sustain injuries. An injury can take place in different locations, as it can in an Old Folks Home. Sometimes, an injury cannot be prevented, but there are other times when injuries can be avoided if the required care and safety measures are followed thoroughly.

Regardless of a nursing home being an environment to cure, rehabilitate, and bring an overall sense of happiness to an elderly person, they still can experience the difficulties of enduring an injury during their stay, whether it is accidental or through negligent means. When dealing with injuries in a nursing home, the Orlando nursing home negligence attorneys have seen some recurrent injuries within these facilities. When any of these injuries have been caused because someone was negligent, then they can be found guilty and legally responsible.

Currently, there are about 1.4 million elderly people living in nursing homes and by the year 2030, that number is expected to more than double. With so many elder people currently residing in Old Folks Homes, it is surprising to think that injuries occur on such a common rate.

Injuries to Look Out for While Residing in Nursing Home

Pressure Ulcers/Bedsores: Bedsores occur more often than they should be. A bedsore happens when too much pressure is placed on an area for an extended amount of time that lacks blood. With the pressure, the skin starts to die off because of the lack of oxygen which forms the sores. These injuries tend to happen to residents who have hardly to no mobility at all. Bedsores will usually mean that negligence is taking place because the nursing staff is supposed to be attentively monitoring and moving patients that cannot move.

Falls: Falls are major within the elder population and happen daily in nursing homes. In fact, 1,800 residents are killed by falls in nursing homes every year. Because elder people tend to have weak muscles and unsteady balance, they can easily fall. Yet, nursing homes are required to maintain the area free of any hazardous objects, ensure that there is proper lighting, check the bed to see if the height is correct according to their height, and more. Additionally, patients who are at high risk of falling need to be supervised more closely.

Medical Malpractice: The most common form of medical malpractice in Old Folks Homes is medication mistake. Residents may require multiple medications at any given moment and with so many residents, mistakes can happen. Medication can be confused for another, or the wrong dosage of medication might be given to the resident.

Any of these injuries could be grounds to file a lawsuit against the nursing home and their staff members.

Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys Standing Up for Residents

Our personal injury attorneys Orlando, FL dedicates themselves to serve victims of injustice, negligence, and abuse in Orlando nursing homes. Contact the firm today and receive the best advice in regards to the specific harm that has been caused.

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