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6 Most Common Causes Of Construction Site Accidents

The construction business is a risky occupation for everyone involved. In 2010 alone, over 770 people lost their lives due to on-site accidents, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This made up over 18 percent of all deaths that occurred among employees while they were at work, that year. Statistics also show that each year, out of every 100 construction workers, an average of 4 will get injured in some form or the other at their job.

These statistics only manage to prove one thing, which is the extremely perilous nature of a job in the construction business. With heavy machinery, complex tools and a host of other hazardous materials surrounding workers at all times, it can sometimes be hard to predict where the greatest peril lies. Some of the most common causes of accidents that occur at construction sites include:

1.Taking a fall – The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that over 34 percent of all on the job accidents among construction workers occur as a result of tripping over materials, taking a slip on a greasy or uneven surface or by just falling off of great heights. As most buildings tend to be quite tall, construction workers often find themselves working on narrow scaffolding or treacherous heights, where they need to be extra vigilant in order to void any mishaps.

2.Electricity – At any given time, a construction site will be swamped with various forms of power lines running from one place to another, each with a specific purpose. However, if not handled carefully, these wires can lead to electrocution and seriously injure any worker that comes in contact with them.

3.Not wearing protective head gear – One look around a construction site and you will notice that all workers are required to wear hardhats. This is so they can protect themselves from falling objects like stray tools, or loose bricks which are not an uncommon occurrence, especially during the construction of a high rise building.

4.Heavy Machinery and Vehicles – Construction sites are full of heavy duty machinery that can weigh hundreds of tons and have unbelievable power that can cause havoc if not handled by an expert. These also include Heavy Commercial Vehicles that are constantly on the move and which are driven by experienced drivers, who are always on guard for workers crossing their path. From huge Tower Cranes and Bulldozers to Cement Mixers and trucks, all this equipment in supposed to be handled with care, in order to assure the safety of each worker on the site.

5.Fire – Fire safety is of utmost importance while on a construction site, due to the numerous fire hazards that can be found everywhere. These include faulty electrical systems, leaking gasses and oil drums etc.

6.Overwork – The biggest cause behind most accidents on a construction site is exhaustion. When workers overexert themselves, they run the risk of making senseless mistakes that can lead to various mishaps. This puts their own lives in peril, as well as that of their fellow workers.

Even though accidents are a common occurrence on a construction site, it does not mean that it doesn’t have negative effects on the livelihood of the worker involved. In this situation, the worker has only one option, which is to contact a New York construction accident lawyer.

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